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Driver earnings ranging between $76,300+ and $97,600+

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    Roadlink Express

    What makes a job great?

    The pay is excellent. Check it out below.

    Sure, getting paid well is important, but there’s more to it.

    A great job is where you like the people you work with. The bosses know what they’re doing, and the trucks you drive are in good shape. If your job makes you feel bad or stressed every day, that’s not good. Work should be a place where you’re happy because you can take care of yourself and your family.

    At Roadlink Express, we think we’ve got a pretty great place to work. People seem to stay with us for a long time. Why? Because we look after our trucks, our people, and we make sure everyone gets what they need.

    We’ve seen some folks jump from one job to another, always looking for something better. But sometimes, a good place to be is right where you are. At Roadlink, we promise not just a good paycheck, but also a job that won’t make you worry all the time.

    If you want to be happy at work, not always worrying, come check us out. We think you’ll like it here at Roadlink Express.

    With earnings ranging between $76,300+ and $97,600+

    Roadlink stands out in the industry. Curious about how we compare? At Roadlink, you’ll find an array of benefits, including a unique health insurance program and other perks that cater to your well-being.

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      Owner-Operator Pay Rates

      Owner-Operator pay rates are tailored to each unique contract agreement; however, below is the current standard mileage rate. A percentage option is also available. [Discuss with Recruiter]

      Multi-Stop Dealer Loads

      $1.30 mile + fuel surcharge* + additional pay for each extra stop (crated $45.00; cabinets $60.00). Multi-Stop dealer loads are optional, driver choice.

      Other Loads

      $1.20 mile + fuel surcharge*

      Empties (our deadhead is less than 4%)

      $0.80 mile

      *You have the option to use our fuel card/program. If you do, fuel purchases are deducted from your settlement. 100% of the company fuel discount (cost plus program) is passed on to Owner-Operators. Light Customer Freight to save on fuel.

      Supplemental Benefit Plans

      Supplemental Benefit Plans available (medical, dental, vision, disability, life) – no waiting period.

      Additional Compensation and Benefits – it adds up to $76,000 to high $90s depending on your drive and skills. 

      • Clean Inspections – $75 Level 1; $50 Levels 2 & 3 (company has a very low pull-in rate)
      • Detention/Layover – 75% of billed revenue (terms are customer specific; $35 per hour if Roadlink feels deserved but we weren’t paid)
      • Paid Orientation (1 Day) – $150.00 plus hotel and/or expenses including airfare if required.
      • Cash Advance – $250.00/week (resets every Monday)
      • Referral Bonus ($2,500 per new driver you refer)

      Weekly Payments

      Paid direct deposit weekly every Friday. You’ll receive a settlement breakdown in your email with ACH notification every Thursday prior to Friday direct deposit.

      No Trailer Fees

      There are NO trailer fees

      Monthly and Weekly Deductions

      Details about optional and mandatory deductions such as Prepass device, Truck Insurance, Plates, Transflo, Driver Escrow, and Fuel.

      Lease/Purchase Option

      Lease/Purchase Option Available if you have your own truck, only requirement is that it passes DOT inspection.

      Costs Covered by Roadlink

      • Decals for truck
      • Tolls (reimburse 100% with exception i.e. PA Turnpike and others)
      • Plates after 5 years

      Driver Requirements

      • 23 years of age or older
      • Valid Class A CDL
      • Meet all DOT requirements and qualifications
      • At least 2 years of recent verifiable tractor-trailer driving experience
      • Pass safety/background check requirements and drug screen

      (We also have Company Drivers (OTR and Local) – different compensation structures)