Non Compliance Penalties

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Penalties: Know the Cost of Non-Compliance

  1. Permitting Unlicensed Operation
    Code: 391.11(b)(5)
    Max Penalty: Up to $34,712 (Minimum $6,269)
    Allowing an unlicensed driver behind the wheel could cost you up to $34,712.
  2. Operating While Disqualified
    Code: 391.15(a)
    Penalty: $6,269
    A disqualified driver operating a vehicle puts you on the hook for a $6,269 fine.
  3. Incomplete Employment Applications
    Code: 391.21(a)
    Penalty: $1,388 daily (Max $13,885)
    For each day an incomplete employment application remains, you risk a $1,388 daily fine.
  4. Failing Safety Performance History
    Code: 391.23(a)
    Penalty: $16,864
    Safety performance is crucial; failure to maintain it can lead to a hefty $16,864 fine.
  5. No Annual Motor Vehicle Report
    Code: 391.25
    Penalty: $16,864
    Skipping the annual motor vehicle report is not an option with a $16,864 fine.
  6. Missing MVR in Qualification File
    Code: 391.25(c)(1)
    Penalty: $1,388 daily (Max $13,885)
    An absent MVR in a qualification file could accrue a daily fine of $1,388.
  7. No Medical Certificate
    Code: 391.41(a)
    Penalty: $1,388 daily (Max $13,885)
    Operating without a medical certificate? That’s a daily fine of $1,388.
  8. Expired Medical Certificate
    Code: 391.45(b)
    Penalty: $16,864
    An expired medical certificate comes with a $16,864 fine.
  9. No Driver Qualification File
    Code: 391.51(a)
    Penalty: $11,956
    Neglecting to maintain a driver qualification file can result in an $11,956 fine.
  10. Missing Medical Certificate in File
    Code: 391.51(b)(7)
    Penalty: $1,388 daily (Max $13,885)
    A missing medical certificate in a file can accumulate to a $1,388 daily fine.
  11. Incomplete File After Termination
    Code: 391.51(c)
    Penalty: $11,956
    Incomplete files after an employee’s termination could cost you $11,956.

Dqvault Driver Qualification Application Tracking Software is easy to use and not expensive


Welcome to the world of motor carrier operations, where compliance isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the law. But let’s face it, handling Driver Qualification (DQ) files can be complex, time-consuming, and downright tedious. That’s where we come in. DQvault is here to transform how you manage these critical records, ensuring you stay within the lines of legal requirements, without breaking the bank.

Quick Summary: Running a smaller motor carrier operation? Compliance is mandatory but doesn’t have to be a nightmare. DQvault is your cost-effective, reliable solution to handle DQ files.

Government Insists on Compliance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) isn’t playing games when it comes to compliance. Violations come with hefty penalties, as outlined in Uniform Fine Assessment (UFA) guidelines. For instance, you could face a maximum penalty of up to $34,712 for permitting unlicensed operation. Ignorance or oversight isn’t an excuse. The government uses a detailed system to calculate fines, considering your history, the severity of the violation, and even your gross revenue. While penalties can be adjusted, why risk it?


You have choices when it comes to compliance solutions. Manual record-keeping is an option, but it’s prone to human error and can consume valuable time. There are also various software solutions available, but they often come with a price tag designed for much larger operations. What you need is something reliable, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly.

DQvault is a Good Answer

Why Choose DQvault?:

  • Cost-Effective: Designed with smaller operations in mind.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface, easy setup.
  • Compliance Made Easy: Automated features that save time and prevent errors.
  • Scalable: Seamlessly transition to bigger solutions as you grow.

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